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Founding Values

WestView Capital Partners was founded in 2004 by Carlo von Schroeter and Rick Williams to pursue their entrepreneurial desire to build a differentiated private equity firm. Having both been active growth equity investors at larger firms since 1990, they pursued a shared vision centered on partnering with outstanding founders and entrepreneurs to help them grow their firms through technology, innovation, opportunism, hard work and grit. Joining Rick and Carlo at inception were three colleagues from their past firms: John Turner, Matt Carroll and Jonathan Hunnicutt, who also shared the WestView vision of being helpful yet unintrusive to our management team partners.



WestView has raised four funds totaling approximately $1.7 billion and has invested in more than 40 companies. We pride ourselves on being complimentary partners to passionate entrepreneurs with domain expertise so deep, it’s effectively “in their blood”. We focus on helping entrepreneurs grow and evolve their organizations as they navigate the many opportunities and challenges that come with growth. We have significant experience with high growth companies, having helped many more than double in size during our investment period.

We believe culture defines great organizations. As such, we never look to change the cultures of the companies we invest in, we look to expand upon the attributes that our entrepreneurs have successfully instilled in their organizations. In a crowded private equity environment, WestView differentiates itself through its ownership flexibility, longstanding track record of working with growth companies and being a true value-added partner to its entrepreneurs.