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Sector Focused


We have deep experience and focus in several key sectors

Business services

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IT Services

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Healthcare IT & outsourcing

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Growth industrial

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Business Services

We seek to invest in companies in specialized industry niches that provide mission critical services to other growing businesses. We have partnered with outsourced service providers and technology enabled businesses in many subsectors, including:

  • business process outsourcing
  • consulting
  • staffing and human capital management
  • legal, regulatory and compliance services
  • field and facility-based services
  • marketing services

“We chose to partner with WestView because of their shared passion for our business, integrity and successful experience supporting other industry pioneering companies. They were a true partner whose support and guidance helped us tremendously.”


Brenda Snow

Founder/CEO, Snow Companies


IT Services

WestView has a longstanding history of investing in a variety of subsectors and business models within the IT services ecosystem, enabling us to bring a deep and diverse perspective on trends and key business drivers to our portfolio companies. Over the years we have developed particular expertise and interest in a number of areas, including:

  • managed services
  • hosting and data center services
  • digital transformation
  • specialized IT consulting
  • systems integration

"We were introduced to WestView through a member of their executive network and others in their network have been instrumental in securing new business for us."


Ed Kenty

CEO, Park Place Technologies



Technology is increasingly permeating all industries. WestView’s software investment efforts benefit from the diversity of industry sectors we are active in. We have specific experience and interest in a number of different vertical and horizontal areas of software, including:

  • government
  • insurance
  • legal
  • healthcare
  • security
  • fintech/payments

"WestView was very helpful in positioning our business for a successful exit. They had a good sense of what would make TriTech more attractive, including the completion of two highly strategic acquisitions."


Chris Maloney

Founder/CEO, TriTech


Healthcare Technology & Outsourcing

The world of healthcare is constantly changing and evolving. We look to partner with the enabling technology and service companies that assist providers, payers and patients in navigating these shifting dynamics while bringing enhanced efficiency, savings, access, quality and transparency to the market. Leveraging our extensive experience, thesis-driven approach and deep network of industry relationships, we assist our portfolio companies in achieving their growth objectives, with a particular focus on the following subsectors:

  • revenue cycle software and services
  • payor services and cost containment
  • patient and enterprise payments
  • data analytics and digitization
  • population health and care management
  • life sciences

“WestView brought deep domain knowledge and contacts in the revenue cycle ecosystem. When combined with their flexibility and focus on minority recapitalizations, it was the perfect match for us”


Bill and Gene Creach

Founders, eSolutions


Growth Industrial

We partner with outstanding providers of industrial products and services, looking to drive growth by increasing scale through augmenting existing capabilities, expanding channels and markets, and making strategic acquisitions. We seek to invest across the entire industrial sector with particular focus on the following:

  • industrial services and maintenance
  • manufacturing and equipment
  • industrial technology
  • automation
  • logistics and transportation
  • distribution
  • environmental services
  • packaging

"WestView pursued us for many years. We chose them because we wanted a good partner that knows high growth and stays out of our way."


Dick Blaudow

Founder, ATS



WestView leverages longstanding experience and relationships, investing in differentiated consumer growth companies including:

  • branded consumer products
  • healthy, active, and sustainable living
  • beauty & personal care
  • ecommerce, retail & catalog

“My partners and I had experience with private equity in our early years and knew exactly what we were looking for when we decided to build Fitness Connection. We found all of it in WestView. Their support throughout our time together never wavered and enabled us to build a leading brand in the fitness club industry”


Jeff Skeen

Founder/CEO, Fitness Connection