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Structural Flexibility


Control Agnostic

We founded WestView based on our belief that a void existed in the middle market for capital that did not require control. Over nearly two decades WestView has built a longstanding reputation of employing this flexible, control-agnostic investment approach. At the core of this philosophy is our willingness to invest as either a minority or majority investor. We have a well established reputation and track record of success as a minority investor and we bring the same philosophical approach and level of effort in working as true value-added partners with our management teams, whether we are in a minority or majority position.

"WestView customized a minority deal that fit all our needs. They understand entrepreneurs and differentiate with flexibility."


Rob Corrato

Founder/CEO, Executive Health Resources


Leverage Agnostic

In addition to employing a flexible approach to ownership, as a growth investor we take a prudent and often conservative approach to the use of leverage in our investments vs. our peers. While we recognize the value in the use of leverage, our capital formation philosophy is centered on the belief that in most of our investments' returns will primarily be driven by growth in revenue and earnings. As a result, we have completed a number of investments with little to no debt at all.



Minority Investments


Majority Investments


Transactions with Debt <35% of Capitalization