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Investment Philosophy


Helpful Yet Unintrusive Support for Outstanding Management Teams

WestView Capital Partners invests equity capital to support outstanding management teams in realizing the strategic, financial and operational objectives of their businesses. We approach these long-term relationships and partnerships with honesty and integrity and a heightened respect for our management team partners.

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is the collaborative relationship we establish with portfolio company management. Our experience has shown us that motivated and talented management teams are the key to building successful businesses, and our actions reflect this very important aspect of private equity investing. Therefore, we do not deploy operating partners nor play a day-to-day role in the operations of portfolio companies. Rather, we leave these business decisions with the proven managers with whom we partner and look to be helpful wherever we can.


Close Alignment with Management Teams

Our partnership model is deeply rooted in investing with management teams who have a meaningful equity stake in their businesses, thereby aligning each party’s interests. As a result of this core aspect of our investment philosophy, we are equally comfortable investing in minority and majority ownership situations and have built a reputation as a leading control-agnostic investor over nearly two decades.

Acting as advisors to, and partners with, management, the depth and breadth of our experience has given us a solid understanding and appreciation for the financial, strategic and operational issues that confront the leadership of middle market companies. We are active partners and are committed to using our years of experience, substantial resources, strong networks in our targeted industry sectors and strategic insights to help management build a successful company. In particular, our experience, strategic relationships and credibility in the financial community give companies greater access to capital as we work with management to guide companies through mergers, acquisitions and financings.