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Focus on Growth


Our Primary Objective is Driving Growth

“Managed profitable growth” is a term we often use and hear from our management teams. We align ourselves with growth-oriented management teams and help them to assess and optimize the return on their operational investments. We are strong supporters of investing in the necessary people, processes and technology to facilitate the growth of our portfolio companies. With a significant number of our companies more than doubling revenue and employment base during our investment, we have the benefit of recognizing and anticipating patterns that emerge at various inflection points of growth and overall corporate development. As a result, we have a deep appreciation and understanding of the financial and strategic issues facing businesses with similar growth trajectories.

“WestView understood what makes ALKU unique and how we can accelerate growth together. They have been a strong partner in our rapid growth and expansion.”


Mark Eldridge

Founder/CEO, ALKU



Companies that Grew Revenue > 2x during WestView Investment


Add-on Acquisitions Completed


Average Growth in Employee Count During WestView Investment